Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating in Spokane, WA

Thank you for visiting Western States Sealcoating and Striping, we have been providing high quality asphalt resurfacing for commercial, residential and retail in the Northwest for more than 20 years. Our work speaks for itself. We offer a full range of services to extend the life of your black top driveway or parking lot.


As asphalt ages, it becomes brittle. This deterioration is due to a number of factors including, the UV rays from the sun, salt from the roads during the winter months, and oil and gas leaks from vehicles. Sealcoating acts as a barrier against these elements. Studies have shown that when an asphalt sealant is applied from the beginning and continued throughout the life of your pavement it can greatly increase, and even doubles its lifespan.

7 Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

1. Saves money. Sealcoating can double – or even triple – the life of your asphalt.
2. Provides a barrier to salts, chemicals, and petroleum products which break down asphalt.
3. Waterproofs asphalt – seals out moisture that can erode the base beneath the asphalt.
4. Improves crack resistance – keeps asphalt flexible so it doesn’t crack or break.
5. Sleek, new black finish increases property value.
6. Cures quickly for less interruption or business flow.
7. Faster cleanup – well maintained pavement is easier to clean.

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance, Crackfilling, sealcoating and striping

Freeze Thaw Cycle

What Makes Us Unique

“Doing It Right” is crucial to maximizing the Quality and Longevity of your sealcoat project. We don’t just squeegee it on, we apply the sealcoat at 100psi to saturation. And we always apply more than enough. That’s our standard!

When it comes to Our Reputation,
Quality Is Everything!


Crack Filling

Asphalt is by far the most common material used for paving driving surfaces. And just like the asphalt we see lining our streets and highways, asphalt driveways can develop cracks and dips over time. It’s important to fix these cracks even in residential driveways in a timely manner to protect the durability and appearance of your driving surface. If you don’t protect the substrate under the asphalt, you’re allowing the affects of water hydro planking, like a blister under your skin, to crack asphalt and further compromise your road base.

We can safely and effectively fill the cracks in your asphalt to prevent further damage and give your driveway or parking lot many more years of life.

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance, Crackfilling, sealcoating and striping


Professionally striping your parking lot will give your business the clean look that makes it stand out. Your parking lot is the first thing your customers see. Make sure you’re making the best first impression possible and have your parking lot stand out. Our striping specialists have many years of experience and knowledge in traffic paints and using the right materials for each job. We use state of the art equipment that is second to none.

Concrete Sealcoating Options

Got Ugly Concrete?  For concrete repair and beautification options such as Epoxy Stone, Color Chip Metallic Epoxy and Colorquartz, visit our Western States Sealcoating partner No More Ugly Concrete