Commercial and Residential Snow Removal and De-Icing In Spokane, WA

Snow Removal

Western States Sealcoating has made a significant investment in additional snowplow trucks in order to provide the Spokane area with quality and timely commercial and residential snow plow service.  We are always eager to accept new accounts.  As with all of our other services, Western States Sealcoating is committed to making sure you receive top quality service at an affordable cost.  You can trust that we put the same level of care into maintaining your parking lot or driveway during the winter months as we do with our sealcoating and striping services.

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow can be beautiful at this time of year, that is until it piles up and your business grinds to a halt or someone takes a terrible fall on ice in your parking lot.

For many commercial business owners, Winter weather demands a great deal of extra attention to keeping your parking areas free of snow and ice.  Failure to provide adequate snow and Ice-free parking access could cause your clients or customers to avoid your business altogether, or at worst, could leave you liable for any accidents that may occur.

Our snow removal services will keep your property safe for your clients, customers, and employees so that you can get back to business as usual.


It’s not always enough to just remove snow from your parking area or driveway.  When the weather makes for icy conditions, you’ll need to follow up snow removal with de-icing.  Our SaltDogg spreader makes quick work of managing your slick parking area or driveway.

We fill our SaltDogg hopper with Ice Kicker – Road Salt With A Kick!  Ice Kicker is 50% less corrosive than standard grade road salt, works faster, and melts as much as 30 more ice than other salts.  Read more about Ice Kicker at

Residential Snow Removal

Don’t Be a Slave to Winter Anymore!
On days of heavy snowfall, many of us find ourselves trapped in our garages, late for work, or unable to get the kids to school on time.  Having to spend the morning shoveling the driveway just to get your car out of the garage is no fun!  Let the Western States crew save your day and do the hard work for you.  With a residential Winter account, we’ll automatically get out early on heavy snow days and make sure your driveway is plowed and ready to get you going.

Give us a call today to set up an account and take the worry out of your winter plowing.