Check-In | Pre & Post Installation

Before your asphalt maintenance or sealcoating service starts

Please make sure the following requirements are met. They are essential to insuring that the asphalt maintenance or sealcoating process on your driveway or parking lot are done right from the start.

Make sure the water (this includes the sprinkler system) is off 24 hours prior to arrival. In order for the work to be done properly, the asphalt needs to be completely dry. This is very important because the performance of the material and the completion of the job are dependent on it being dry.

Please take the time to remove any dumpsters, automobiles, pallets and pets (pet containers). We need to be able to ensure the area is clear so we don’t delay any work.

Western Sealcoating Spokane - Parking Lot

In addition to above, please trim the grass/sod from the asphalt edge. Be sure the shrubs are pruned back.

If you have moss, use a herbicide to remove it 10 days prior to the job unless part of the bid options. Weeds should be removed or destroyed 10 days in advance, this can also be apart of the bid.

Please remove oil with detergent and allow enough time for surface to be clean and dry.

Please remove dirt embedded in surface, pressure washed, swept and allow 24 hours to dry.


Drying Time: Fresh seal coat will be applied to the surface which takes about 4-12 hours to dry. It is important to let people know seal coat can track your foot prints.

Disclaimer: If all prearranged items according to the estimate are not done and our crew is delayed, customer may receive additional charges based on time and work needed to get site ready. If site is not ready crew may need to reschedule and come back another day.

Check List

  • Please make sure asphalt is clean and dry prior to our arrival.
  • NO WATER ON ASPHALT FOR 24 HOURS PRIOR TO OUR ARRIVAL. It is imperative that the asphalt is dry or we will have to reschedule our work.
  • Weed killing and pressure washing should be done at least 2 weeks prior to our arrival, if needed; your bid and conversation with estimator will advise of this requirement.
  • Any prep work requested should be finished 24 hours prior to our arrival, if not please call our office and let us know. This does affect appointment times and day structure (ie edging grass, killing weeds, pruning shrubs, moving decorative rocks).
  • Parking lots or any high traffic area will NEED to be coned or roped off the night before scheduled job. This area will be inaccessible to customers and employees during install, customer will be responsible for rerouting traffic.
  • Lost time due to vehicles needing to be towed are at expense of property owner.
  • Please make sure there is a decision maker on site at all times during the install.